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On Transgender Day Of Remembrance (Nov 20 2013) , Maggie's is honoured to release this film, shot on October 4 2012 at the Sisters In Spirit Vigil organized by the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto. In this film Monica asks us to honour and grieve the Indigenous trans sisters in the sex industry that we've lost due to systemic abuse and neglect, to demand more--and to remember those who are still living! 

The is the place where sex workers tell our own stories! We are building this resource so if you know of media made by sex workers, please send it to us!

Working Girl Blues by Damien Luxe

"if there's one thing i've chosen in this world, it's what to do with being born a girl..well there might be a few things you don't know about work, about how this world works"


Maurganne Mooney of the Aboriginal Sex Workers Outreach and Education Project (ASWEOP) of Maggie's: Toronto Sex Workers Action project, speaking at the 2011 Sisters in Spirit Vigil, organized by the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto. Standing beside her is Monica Forrester, co-coordinator of ASWEOP.


 EVERY HO I KNOW SAYS SO is a response to the total lack of accessible online resources for people looking for advice on how to be a good date or lover or partner to a sex worker. We want to support our lovers to continue unlearning the internalized stigma against sex workers, especially in intimate relationships. We think that sex workers themselves have valuable advice and direction to give to people who get into intimate relationships with us. This is the direct message we want to give to our lovers: "We hope that this video is useful to you in your journey to becoming a sex worker-positive and supportive lover and person in the community!!! By continuing to work on your attitudes about our work and educating yourself, you are showing us that you care. We love you!"

-Directors, Lusty Day & Beef Jerky


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