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Sex workers, Maggie’s is here for you. We are not secretly trying to convince you to leave sex work or “rehabilitate” you. Our services and philosophies are rooted in meeting your needs and desires with respect.

We offer services to sex workers and to non-sex working agencies and organizations.

Maggie’s offers sex workers:

  • Regular drop-in Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2-5 pm
  • A weekly Wednesday drop-in LOUNGE (Wednesdays 2-5 pm) for former and current sex workers. As with everything at Maggie's it is led by sex workers (see below for more info)
  • The monthly Real Work group for current and former sex workers, and is coordinated by sex workers (see below for more info)
  • The Indigenous Sex Workers Project & Drumming Group (see below for more info)
  • Assistance and advocacy to sex workers who have experienced legal, physical, or social harassment or discrimination as a result of their sex work
  • Court and social service accompaniment and legal support where possible
  • Community service hours. Maggie's is a registered charity which means you can do your community service hours with us. If you need to do community service for ANY criminal offense and are a current or former sex worker, give us a call.
  • A safe place for sex workers to discuss their clients, concerns, safety tips, updates on bad dates, police sweeps and harmful substances/tainted drugs
  • Informal counselling and referrals to structured long term counseling appropriate to your needs  
  • Sex worker-led workshops 
  • Resource and research centre
  • Distribution of safer sex materials and safer drug using materials and education
  • A centre for sex worker organizing
  • Legal and health information with referrals to other helpful resources


The Maggie's Lounge

The Maggie’s Lounge is a weekly relaxed sex worker space where you can be yourself with other sex workers. It is a social and cultural space for sex workers only. Free manicures, movies, swaps, workshops & xxx fun!

  • Wednesdays, 2-5 pm
  • Membership is by drop-in. Just come on by, meet new friends and say hi!
  • Free and open to all current and former sex workers in any part of the industry (outdoor/outdoor, strippers, PSO's, massage, internet cam, domination/submission). All ages and all genders. We are trans-positive and welcoming.
  • Snacks & TTC tokens available
  • Harm reduction materials available such as needle kits, crack stems kits, condoms and lubricant (including the "female"/internal condom), information and resources on HIV and other STI's, safer drug use and safer working tips


Indigenous Sex Workers' Action Project and Drumming Group

Please contact Monica at for more information on dates and times.


The Real Work Group

The Real Work Group meets the first Tuesday of each month for current and former sex workers in Toronto. We come together to swap info on making our work fun, safe and profitable, covering a wide range of topics like tips on marketing, finances, relationships and more. 

Run by and for sex workers, we admit new members through a referral by a current member of the group or by speaking to us at Maggie's. We take this extra step to preserve confidentiality and the comfort of group members. 

While RealWork is a group for sex workers, we occasionally open it up to people who are planning on returning to sex work or are serious about beginning. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss coming to a meeting.


Maggie’s also offers agencies who work with sex workers and schools:

  • Tailored education sessions for service providers on what works for sex workers (in-service trainings) including periodic special training sessions on how to offer appropriate, respectful programs to sex workers
  • In-house information sessions by and for sex workers
  • Consultations and policy recommendations regarding sex-worker specific programs and projects
  • College and university lectures on sex-work issues (e.g. sex work and the law)
  • over 25 years of history and experience advocating for sex worker rights as part of local, national and global sex work organizing


sex workers marching in the Sydney, Australia
Mardi Gras parade

Come see us about: sexual health, work safety, condoms, workshops and more