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resources for sex workers

Have you been busted or ticketed? Maggie's is a registered charity which means that you can do your community service hours with us. If you need to do community service for ANY criminal offense and are a current or former sex worker, give us a call.


NEW INFORMATION FOR SEX WORKERS! Whether you are travelling for work or not, check out this documents for advice and tips for crossing into the US from Canada: Safer Border Crossing Tips for Sex Workers



On the Chez Stella (Montreal) website


Reckless Endangerment - Q & A on Bill C-36


NEW TO SEX WORK? This document covers the basics of the laws around selling sex, where to advertise, BDSM houses and safety. If you are new to escorting, we also highly recommend reading the document "Sex, Work, Rights" (linked below). Updated February 2012.

-Tips For Tricking Around Town: A Guide for New Workers


 -The Rules: Maggie's Practical Guide to Stripping & Erotic Massage Licensing in Toronto" (2011)


Has the city's licensing division denied you a Burlesque Entertainers, Body Rub or Holistic Care License? Find out here how to appeal!


Therapists & Counselors. Maggie's has developed a list of therapists with experience working one-on-one with sex workers in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. Most of them do not have sex work experience themselves but do support sex-worker self-determination and understand some of the issues we face. Please contact us for details at or call 416-964-0150


additional resources

Male Sex Workers: Scarlet Men (Australia)


Sex Workers who work with clients with disabilities: Touching Base (Australia)


Support and information for phone sex operators: (USA)


Sex workers of colour & LBGT sex workers: HOOK Collective


London Sex Worker Open University


Come see us about: sexual health, work safety, condoms, workshops and more