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These resources are authored or co-authored by sex worker activists themselves. Keep in mind that these categories are meant to be helpful and have a great deal of overlap between them. Please feel free to read, print & share them widely--just also take care to give proper credit to the authors.


after bedford: decriminalization and the swedish model


-Violence Against Indigenous Canadian Sex Workers

-Indigenous Peoples in The Sex Trade--Speaking For Ourselves

-Government blames sex workers for violence used against them

-Colonial Roots, Contemporary Risk Factors: A cautionary exploration of the domestic trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in British Columbia, Canada (page 27-31)

-Whorephobia by Kwe Today

-Bedford V. Canada by Kwe Today

-No Simple Solutions: State Violence and the Sex Trades

-Maggie's at Sisters in Spirit Vigil, 2011  (click here for subtitled version)

-Mirha-Soleil Ross on violence against Indigenous transsexual sex workers at Montreal's Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women, February 14th, 2013. (mostly in french) 

-Families of Sisters Is Spirit Supports International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers, 2013


sex work & hiv

-women, sex work and hiv (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network)

-making sex work safe (global network for sex work projects)

-Decriminalization of Prostitution to Reduce Sex Workers’ Vulnerability to HIV (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network)


trans sex work resources

-Statement for Social Service Agencies and Transsexual/Transgendered Organizations on Service Delivery to Transsexual and Transvestite Prostitutes


youth sex work resources

-Part of the Solution: Youth Engaged in Sex Work and the Sex Trade

-Sex Work is Real Work: One Woman Shares Her Experience of Sex Work and The Stigma She Faces (Shameless Magazine, 2012) 


impacts of criminalization on sex workers

-No Simple Solutions: State Violence and the Sex Trades

-Carceral Feminism: The Failure of Sex Work Prohibition (Robyn Maynard) 

-Policing Sex Work (by Incite! Women of Color Against Violence)

-Voices For Dignity: A Call To End the Harms Caused by Canada's Sex Trade Laws (Pivot Legal Society)

-Beyond Decriminalization: Sex Work, Human Rights and a New Framework for Law Reform (by Pivot Legal Society)

-Why Criminalizing Clients Won't Work (podcast) by Katrina Pacey

-Zimbabwe Sex Work: From Behind the Shadows

-10 Reasons To Fight For The Decriminalization of Sex Work

-Sex Work: 14 Answers to your questions


migrant sex workers resources

-Last Rescue in Siam (short film) & Recommendations Regarding Trafficking from Sex Workers of Empower (Thailand, 2012)

-War on Terror & War on Trafficking: A Sex Worker Activist Confronts the Anti-Trafficking Movement.

-Migrant Sex Work Roundtable (with Debbie Brock, Kara Gillies, Chantelle Oliver and Mook)

-Hit and Run: The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Policy and Practice on Sex Workers Human Rights in Thailand. By Thai Sex Workers Organization Empower Foundation (2012)

- The Power of the Collective (VAMP, India, 2012)

-Save Us From Our Saviours (VAMP, India, 2011) 

-The Foreign Fuck (Eye magazine column & reply from Empower Foundation)


info for service providers to sex workers

-What Works For Sex Workers, An Expanded Toolkit of Information, Strategies and Tips for Service Providers Working With Sex Workers (Nov 2012)

-How to be an ally to street based sex workers   

-Sex Work: 14 Answers to your questions

-Helpful tips the Reproductive Justice Movement can use to support Girls, Women and Transgender people of color involved in the Sex Trade & Sex Work (by the Young Women's Empowerment Project)

-Safety, Security and the Well-Being of Sex Workers