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For decades, sex workers around the world and across the country have been building an international movemement.


Partnering organizations:

Native Youth Sexual Health Network


Ontario Aboriginal HIV-AIDS Strategy


National: FIRST (Feminists Advocating for Rights and Equality for Sex Workers)

Ottawa: POWER

Hamilton: Big Susie's

Halifax: Stepping Stones

Montreal: Stella

Victoria: PEERS


Pivot Legal

Toronto: Sex Professionals of Canada


Waterloo: Sex Workers Action Network of Waterloo Region

Peterobrough: Sex Workers Action Project


Brazil: Davida

Hong Kong: Zi Teng

Thailand: Empower

India: DMSC

USA: HIPS, Different Avenues, Sex Worker Outreach Project, St James Infirmary

Network of Sex Worker Projects

International-UK:International Union of Sex Workers

Australia: Scarlet Alliance

New Zealand: New Zealand Prostitutes Collective