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A Win For Sex Workers--A Win for Equality, Safety and Justice

Dec 19, 2013


December 20, 2013--The Supreme Court of Canada has released a unanimous decision striking down all three prostitution laws, paving the way for more safety, justice and equality for sex workers in Canada.

After years of legal battles, the three sex workers who challenged the laws prohibiting many activities related to sex work have been completely victorious.

“We send our congratulations to Terri-Jean Bedford, Valerie Scot and Amy Leibovitch for their tenacity in insisting that sex workers deserve better. This is a win for sex workers globally and locally”--Kara Gillies, a long time sex worker and activist for law reform

“Now the work begins of making sure that sex workers are at the table for all decisions made about our lives. We must ensure that we never go back--and this means stopping any attempts to re-criminalize sex work or target our clients. We will continue to fight for full equality and justice and oppose any attempts to criminalize any part of the sex industry including our clients.” --Chloe, current sex worker and advocate

“For decriminalization of prostitution to truly make a difference in our lives, sex workers must be in leadership roles for all decision making about regulations that impact our safety and livelihood including: zoning and licensing, control over the conditions and locations of our work, human rights and labour rights protections, the right to organize as workers. --Candy, current sex worker with street experience

“Sex workers are incredibly diverse and we want to ensure that this decision means full access to legal protections and services without fear. We will be working with our community and policy makers to make sure that all sex workers including migrants without legal working status are able to access essential services (housing, health, education, social services, emergency services) without fear of being detained or deported.” --Bobby Law, Board Chair, Maggie’s: Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

“We are a strong and resilient community and will continue to fight for our right to work and live in safety and dignity.”-- Lux, former sex worker and advocate

Join us at 2 pm today at Allan Gardens for a victory celebration!



Maggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is an organization run for and by local sex workers. Our mission is to assist sex workers in our efforts to live and work with safety and dignity. We are founded on the belief that in order to improve our circumstances, sex workers must control our own lives and destinies.

Contact: Chanelle Gallant, 416 964-0150


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