Pop Slots Free Chips

The Pop! Slots app is a slot game that allows you to win 2 million per day without any effort or even playing. Just with the two-hour bonus of 250,000 and the daily bonus of 500,000, that gives you 2 million a day without playing.

You will have understood that this is not real money but virtual money for playing slot games. The game aYou will have understood that this is not real money but virtual money for playing slot games. The game allows you to play in the real casino games. Once you enter the casino, you can select the slot seat of your choice.

One of the great things about the game is the Pop aspect! This aspect makes you pick up a balloon that blows up from time to time and by clicking on it you get various bonuses.

The game allows you to automatically spin the selected slot machine with three modes Normal, Fast, Turbo. In turbo mode, your bankroll goes down quickly.

All slots in the game are based on the same concept of a balloon that pops from time to time with which you win bonuses. Otherwise, there is the collective bonus round which is a bit difficult to understand in terms of payouts.

The Pop! Slots Free Chips

A rather annoying but understandable point is that the game often pops to make you buy chips, with real money. Obviously, just by playing virtually, you get Pop! Slots free chips and the app’s designers don’t make any money. It is therefore essential for them to get you to spend real money to acquire virtual chips.

Via the balloons you capture, you can get gold coins that will allow you to have rewards to use in the real casinos of Canada. You need a lot of them though. By level 25, you can only accumulate 2,045. Rewards start at 2,500 coins for example to get a free coffee, a pizza tip is 5,000 coins. That’s a lot of reward possibilities but you have to play for a long time. To get to level 25, you should play for more than 6 hours. To reach 2,500 coins you may have to play for more than 8 hours.

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Experts give this slot game app a rating of 3 out of 5. A pop aspect of the game is not the best one, because it’s not always easy to “catch” the balloon and its bonuses. But the game designers understood that this was annoying the players, so they offer the possibility that you pay for the balloons to be “captured” automatically.